The Quiz

People have until Dec. 15, 2001, to take this quiz. The winner gets three 1,000 Italian lira bills, an autographed 4x6 picture of me standing next to the Yankee go home graffiti plus the earplugs I used to block out noise in Europe.

Second place is a 50-crown Czech bill.

Third place is assorted foreign coins.


  1. Your name:

  2. Steve's niece Amy lives in what city?


  3. What day did Steve's flight leave Reno?

    Nov. 4
    Nov. 5
    Nov. 6
    Nov. 7

  4. How much did Steve pay for a gondola ride in Venice?

    Too much

  5. What color of pasta sauce did Steve get on his shirt?


  6. What did Steve do to avoid an international incident?

    Not take pictures in church
    Not pinch an Italian woman on the butt
    Not try to speak German
    Keep his shoes on on the trip from Venice to Munich

  7. Tiebreaker 1: How many grams of olives did Steve buy his last day in German?

  8. Tiebreaker 2: How much does Steve have in German coins?

Steve Timko.
Revised: 11/27/01