Why reporters shouldn't take pictures and why photographers shouldn't write

From the website of the Reno Gazette-Journal
Except at smaller newspapers, it's a bad idea to stick a camera in a reporter's hands and send him/her out to take pictures. And it's maybe not the best idea to have photographers trying writing. At left is a caption that appeared underneath a Reno Gazette-Journal photograph on the newspaper website. The same caption DID NOT appear in the newspaper. Unfortunately, the person putting the information on the web put the caption on the web exactly as the photographer wrote it.

When I was a kid we'd go to a dentist named Cox in Delta, Utah, and Cox would give us a coupon for an ice cream bar after we had a cavity filled or a tooth pulled. I wonder if pizza is a substitute for ice cream for more serious operations.

I blurred out part of the story because we had to retract major parts of it. This was the last story Alisa Valdes-Rodriquez wrote for us. After after only six or seven days on the job she quit and took a job with a New Mexico newspaper. She has quite a history with her former employers, including alleging that the Los Angeles Times was attempting genocide against Latinos.

So maybe the moral is reporters shouldn't write either. . . .