When I lucked out and got Conan O'Brien tickets during a week of taping in Los Angeles, I thought about who would go see the show with me. I knew Kathie Freeman from alt.fan.letterman watched Late Night and had seen the show in person on a trip to New York. So I asked if she wanted to go.She rearranged her schedule and flew down to Los Angeles in one day and flew out the same day. I picked her up at the Burbank Airport, but only after some problems. At right is a photo of my rental car stuck at the parking gate at the Burbank airport. The ticket machine was out of tickets, so I couldn't get a ticket to get the gate to open. And you can see what would have happened if I had backed up. The Burbank Airport was slow to respond. Meanwhile, Kathie Freeman was waiting for me to pick her up. The good news is that I got free parking out of it.
I picked up Kathie and eventually we headed over to the NBC Studios in Burbank to get in line. It was a good thing. The line was already snaking around when we got in line about 2:50 p.m. I went back to get my camera and in the time it took me to get to the rental car and back, another 20 or 30 people had gotten in line. I didn't get a chance to get a good photo of Kathie under the NBC sign. I did get the picture at the top with her Conan shirt. The picture in the middle shows people in line. At the bottom is a photo of two guys who were first in line. They had been in line since 7:30 a.m. that day.
Because we were near the front, we got to go in about 4 p.m. to help tape a segment where Conan and Andy go driving. Kathie had to use the bathroom while the warm up guy was talking. I stood up when she came back because she walked past our row of seats. The warm up guy immediately pounced on me. He had me put on my hat -- I dunno, it's not quite a cowboy hat. More like Hoss Cartwright, I guess. I put it on, spread my arms and gestured to the audience. They applauded.
Conan came out to enthusiastic applause. The show was great. Afterwards, I took Kathie back to the airport.
Kathie has added her description of her trip to see Conan O'Brien. It's the link at the top to the far right.