A gingerbread Dachau house

More Dachau houses

Beds where prisoners slept.

Sign pointing to the crematoriums.

Original crematorium ovens

A look into one of the newer crematoria ovens built when the original couldn't handle the volume

A pair of the newer crematoria ovens

Another photo of the newer crematoria ovens

A higher view of the newer crematoria ovens. The sign says prisoners were hung from the rafters.

A gas chamber the sign said was never used. It's next to the newer crematoria.

Outside the newer crematoria building. The older building is to the left

The entrance to Dachau

A picture of one of the gates

Grave of a Thousand Unknowns

A memorial to the dead

A monument

Sign marking pistol execution range

Pistol execution range

Rifle execution range

Nazi campaign sign inside the Dachau museum

Whipping table used to punish prisoners

A view through the Dachau barbed wire

Dachau barbed wire

The barbed wire was connected to cement posts on ceramic devices. I don't know if this meant the barbed wire was electrified.

The top of the outer wire

A sign that promises "Never Again."

Dachau artwork