This is my attempt to capture the beauty of Prague's buildings and its cobblestone streets.

Prague has its dancing buildings -- one normal building and one that looks like it is collapsing.

Amy on the St. Charles Bridge.

A cross on the St. Charles Bridge

This is the sign to the Reno Cafe in Prague.

Amy enjoys her Ice Cup Reno dessert in the Reno Cafe.

Turns out by coincidence that Amy and I have the same color of New Balance shoes. I bought them because they were the only pair of 13EEEE walking shoes I could find in Reno.

A flyer announcing a classical musical peformance in Smetana Hall

I couldn't see the actual Smetana Hall unless I bought a concert ticket. So this is the sign inside the building showing the way to Smetana Hall.

This is the cafe that short-changed me.